Sea, Signora
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и лавка

Пн-Чт,Вс 12:00–00:00, Пт-Сб 12:00–02:00
ул. Большая Морская, 30, г.Санкт-Петербург




Sea, Signora» is a fish restaurant of chef Antonio Fresa in St. Petersburg. Located in the center it offers the freshest fish and seafood of exceptional quality, Italian and Israeli cuisine.

Antonio Fresa is one of the best chefs and restaurateurs in Russia: he has been working here for 10 years. His projects Sea, Signora, Marso Polo, Saviv, Saviv MOSCOWFRESAS, Tel Aviv By Saviv and KOI — are important events of the restaurant scene.

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Итальянский шеф-повар и ресторатор Антонио Фреза — о кухне Алена Дюкасса, новом проекте в SO/Sofitel, интересе к российским винам и последствиях съемок в документальном кино.

The atmospheric establishment was created on a grand scale: an open kitchen (reminiscent of a gastronomic theater), a huge aquarium and a station with fresh seafood, a pasta workshop and its own bakery are located on a thousand square meters. The restaurant's must have is excellent handmade pasta: Sardinian spaghetti with bottarga and pecorino sardo, calamarata pasta with lobster, orecchiette with sardella sauce and tuna sperm.

"Sea, Signora is in the TOP 19 of the best restaurants in the Northern Capital. The Sea, Signora fish restaurant opened only this summer and has already become an important gastronomic point of St. Petersburg. Sea, Signora functions not only as a restaurant, but also as a fish shop: guests can purchase fresh seafood takeaway, which are supplied by the Italian company Campisi. Tip from the editors: take something from the raw-bar for a snack and an octopus for a hot dish."

"Sea, Signora is an ode to my love of fish and seafood. In Italy, things like tuna or salmon bresaola are very popular, but in St. Petersburg I have not seen this yet, and this experiment is a kind of challenge for me."

“The speciality line-up is impressive — from sea urchins to baramundi, the quality of the product and the preparation, as is usual for Fresa, are uncompromising, tasty, and spectacular.“.

“In front of visitors at Sea, Signora! We do almost everything: we bake Israeli halas and Levantine tortillas with different toppings (there are, for example, capers and anchovies, mortadella and pistachios or strachatella and basil), make homemade pasta, cut up sea urchins, oysters and scallops.“.

“In the center of the hall there is a large aquarium in the form of a column. Hundreds of colorful African cichlids — fish native to the Great African Lakes - swim inside. The aquarium is surrounded by a marble countertops. Another elements of the interior continue the water theme: glaciers with fish and sea reptiles resembling jellyfish, light chandeliers from the Italian factory Karman and emerald marble from Liguria, similar in color to sea foam.“

“The main menu is a bright junction of Italy and Israel: artichoke parmigiana, Sicilian octopus, cauliflower with Piedmontese anchovy cream and parmesan side by side with hraime with cod and dishes with tahini. There is also a special fish soup based on the recipe of Antonio's mom Incoronata Palma“.

"An impressive fish restaurant by Antonio Fresa (Jerome, Saviv), in which a native of the port of Puglia came off to the fullest. Aquariums, glaciers, a grandiose raw bar with plateaus, ceviche and tartars, Catch Of The Day from all over the world, a delicatessen — a whole Disneyland seafood. The tonality of the menu is the chef’s brand — Italy and Israel."

“Antonio Fresa is building a seafood restaurant on 1000 sq. m. meters from the Vrevsky house on Bolshaya Morskaya, opposite of Jerome. Inside there is a fish shop, glaciers with aquariums with hundreds of African cichlids, and Ligurian marble. Fresa promises to cook scampi, vongole, sea cocks and turbot in such a way that his Sicilian grandmother approves“.

“The dessert section was combined with digestives. Italian limoncello and amaretto can be accompanied by French crepe suzette pancakes. They differ from other desserts in their spectacular presentation: the sauce is prepared in front of guests, setting fire to it in a frying pan“.

“The Sea Signora Fish Restaurant, run by Antonio Fresa, one of the best chefs in St. Petersburg, specializes in the freshest fish and seafood, Italian and Israeli cuisines. What to try: seafood plateaus“.

“Let's put it this way: this is a large-scale restaurant. Perhaps this is the largest restaurant in the "golden triangle": you will go in one direction - Isaakievskaya Square, in the other - Nevsky, across the street - Jerome. The interior is also large: there is already only one living room, which is not called a VIP room here, but Casa Della Signora, could have been a restaurant by itself“.

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“In the main menu, order salmon tartare on hala, yellowtail sashimi with black truffle, trecce with octopus stew, risotto with scallop carpaccio or even your own tuna bresaola“.

“I was impressed by the beef tartare - it was the best tartare in my life, I'm not kidding. It is manually scrolled in front of you, mixed with oyster sauce, espelet pepper and caviar. It turns out burning and tender at the same time“.


“Sea, Signora - a fish restaurant, and it completely reflects me. I was born in the south of Italy in the Puglia region, my grandmother is from Sicily and therefore we always had fish and seafood in the house”.

chef, owner

Sea, Signora is the largest and most modern fish restaurant in St. Petersburg. In its shop there are delicacies and seafood from all over the world on glaciers, and there is a 2300 liters aquarium in the hall. The iconic Deruta ceramics, designer uniforms, capsule cosmetics — Sea, Signora is perfect to the smallest details.
Breakfasts at Sea, Signora — the newest St. Petersburg must have, the Casa della Signora lounge hosts private events every day: since the opening in 2021, the restaurant has already become a landmark.
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In the wine list of Sea, Signora – ageless classics and modern organic winemaking. Special emphasis on champagne and white wines for combining with fish and seafood — we open bottles from Sardinia, Sicily, Campania, Friuli for them; a lot of white Burgundy — more than a dozen names. The basis of the map is Italy, France and Spain, collected by their regions.
Premiere! New cocktail menu at Sea, Signora by Bagration Gagua, head bartender of Antonio Fresa Group restaurants. Poetry in Italian liqueurs and bitters with Israeli spices, dedications to Fellini and Boccaccio, the bliss of a Mediterranean aperitif and the strong embrace of the swirling southern night.


A separate living room is a hall for small events with a capacity of up to 30 people. For the convenience of our guests it is equipped by a large screen, a sound system separate from the rest of the restaurant, a separate toilet and much more. The restaurant team will be happy to take over the organization of the event, taking care of everything from the menu to the decor.